Our Story

As a mother of two daughters, I often come across these 'kids' menus' at restaurants, consisting of minced steak, chicken nuggets, buttered pasta or fries, which are not very appealing.

The assumption is that children have no taste.

However, my daughters often ask for real dishes. They know they are better and want to taste the same things we do. Here's the reality: a child can have a taste for gastronomy, aesthetics, and sensorial experiences. And if it's not the case yet, this is the age when they can start developing that taste.

I make the same observation for beauty.

Having worked for many years in cosmetics and luxury, I am very demanding when it comes to beauty products. When I started looking for products for my daughters, who no longer wanted to use 'baby products' and wanted the same products as me—pleasant, beautiful, and effective—I found nothing.

In 2022, my business partner and I created Juliette & Tom as a disruptive proposition: to offer well-designed and playful products that use the best natural ingredients, specifically formulated for the delicate skin of children. A true 'star product' for our beloved children.

Yuanyuan, founder of Juliette & Tom