Our Philosophy

Safety First

By collaborating with a team of experienced pediatric dermatologists and cosmetic experts, we have established a formulation charter that respects the delicate skin of children and minimizes the risk of allergies.

Thus, we have chosen not to include certain ingredients commonly used in conventional cosmetics. Our formulas are sulfate-free, soap-free, silicone-free, mineral oil-free, essential oil-free, paraben-free, and ethyl alcohol-free.

100% of our products are rated "excellent" by YUKA.

All our products undergo usage tests under dermatological control on 100% sensitive skin to ensure their safety and high tolerance.

All our products are free from ingredients or substances of animal origin.

Protecting Children's Skin with the Best Natural Ingredients

Strengthening skin defenses with patented active ingredients combining natural probiotics and post-biotics. It boosts the skin's natural defenses, preserves the balance and diversity of the skin microbiota, and repairs the skin barrier.

Hydrate, protect, and nourish the skin and hair with the best natural extracts from France. Convinced that local ingredients are also effective and more environmentally friendly, we have selected a basket of botanical extracts and vegetable oils from organic farming in the South of France and the Atlantic coast.

Proven efficacy through tests on sensitive skin under dermatological control.

Transforming beauty rituals into moments of relaxation and play

According to our group of dermatologists and our parent community, the first step in developing good hygiene in children is to teach them proper habits and enchant them with products they love. For this, we have specially created our products to transform skincare rituals into moments of relaxation and play.

Fun and sensory textures: bubbles to pop in the bath, an ultra-light cream like a gentle caress on the skin, a delicious gel that doesn't stick—pure fun to please our children!

Delicate olfactory signatures have been developed by our perfumers based in Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes, using only natural ingredients. Moreover, our products appeal to both boys and girls. We wanted our products to be genderless. No more "pink strawberry" for girls and "green lemon" for boys.

To ensure the adoption of our products by children, all our products have been developed with the input of ourcommunity of children and parents. Their feedback has allowed our laboratories to develop formulas that combine sensory appeal, naturalness, and effectiveness.